Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am mortal

I consider myself young, enjoy being young, and have effectively deluded myself into believing that I will always look and feel as I do now. Truly, a delightful delusion if anyone is looking for one.

Bliss got up and walked out the door when I started looking at pictures of my parents from their honeymoon in Hawaii.

For my readers' convenience, here are some samples.

Exhibit A: My dad

22 years old, tan, skinny, about Isaac's age when we got married.


Exhibit B: My mom

24 years old, tan, skinny, and about the age I was when I got married.


Now, exhibit C: Isaac and me

23 and 25 years old, respectively, attractive (check out Isaac's hot beard), not tan (me), married just over a year


Here is the fatal but infallable logic.

1) My parents were once young.

2) My parents once looked young, too.

3) My parents were once a newly married couple bumming around in Hawaii.

4) My parents got older (but you still look great, Mom and Dad).

1') Isaac and I are young.

2') Isaac and I look young.

3') Isaac and I, newly married, also bummed around in Hawaii.


4') Isaac and I will get older.

The truth hurts.

Stage one of the grief process is denial. So I bought Mary Kay age-reversing cosmetics.

I think I look younger already.


  1. Oh Yay! Yay! Not only do I get Camber as a Facebook friend, I can also track her on the blog!

    One of my coworkers is from Ohio and went to THE Ohio State University for undergraduate. He of course loved it, but I've often heard that a school's undergraduate and graduate programs can be very different from each other. What are you (Isaac) going to be studying?

    Have you thought about basing your decision on the proximity to a fun city? I have loved visiting Chicago, for example, but I don't know much else about the cities in the Midwest. I assume you haven't gone out and stomped around there yet.

    I'm turning 26 in a week. So I feel you, Camber, about feeling old. In my head, I know it isn't, but when I was in college 26 year olds were ancient. Thank heavens for Mary Kay! :)

  2. I love you Camber!