Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy ∏ day to one and all

This one's for ∏—the original gangsta.


... etc.


  1. Hello Camber & Isaac!

    I saw on the Parkers' blog that you had also started one so I dropped in for a visit! Just wanted to report that I celebrated Pi day yesterday by baking an apple pie and making shepherd's pie for dinner with the help of Jacob. YUM. Hope you guys are doing well! Baby Girl Hoopes is coming any day now (I'm due the 23rd) so that is the big news here in Michigan (besides that one-state recession bit, I suppose). Miss you guys!

  2. Your blog is totally stellar! I have enjoyed reading your posts (both of you) and seeing your pics. Would you mind if I had a link on my blog to your guys' blog so people will think I am cool for linking to you? That would be really awesome....

  3. Thanks! We're glad you like it.

    And of course you can put a link to our blog on yours. That way our Google score goes up, and we'll rise in the search engines. :)

  4. Stacey!

    Congrats on the baby! We haven't heard from you for sooo long! Also, glad to hear that you did celebrate Pi day (we had a bunch of people over for many many pies).

    How's Michigan? Have you spent any time in Ohio? Is it prettier than Michigan? :)