Sunday, March 15, 2009

The first hike

For just a moment, let's close our eyes and imagine something. (Don't actually close you're eyes—unless you have x-ray vision.)

Imagine waking up early on a warm spring day—but it isn't warm yet, it's still 20 degrees outside. And then imagine driving to a steep canyon—steep enough that the sun won't hit it until two in the afternoon. And then imaging hiking, for three hours, in the snow, with ankle socks on.

Sound fun?

It was amazing!

Today I (along with Jason H. and Jared W. S.) went on the first hike of the spring up to Squaw Peak in Provo, UT. It's a beautiful hike, and was doubly so in the snow. Once we turned off the canyon trail and moved up the mountain the sun hit us, and it was warm and beautiful.

Below are a few pictures. Just click a thumbnail to see the full image size (they're not that big; I'll try to make them larger next time).

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  1. This is THE BEST hike in Provo. Seriously! Garrett and I absolutely loved it, and would bring anyone whenever we could get the chance. We never went when it was covered with that much snow... I think the earliest we would go was in June. Great pictures!

  2. Looks.... cold, actually. I'm afraid that your blog may not be very good for Jeff at the moment-- not the best for a man who hasn't seen much more than our two bedroom apartment for the last four months. Also, did you enjoy my "shout out" to you on our blog?

    Go Buckeyes!

  3. It was cold, but the joy of hiking easily out-weighed the coldness.

    As for Jeff, this blog does nothing but post the truth—Jeff can react to it any way he would like. :) In actuality, he should just go hiking in the Appalachians. He might enjoy it.

    And yes, thank you for the link to our blog. It'll keep our Google score high.

  4. I love Squaw Peak! I've probably hiked it a dozen times or more. Jesse and I actually hiked it in January once (it was a very dry January and we thought there was no snow on it, but in fact, we ran into 2-3 feet of snow by the time we summited)! Your pictures bring me fond memories of that time.