Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ready. Or Not.

People keep asking me lately if I'm "ready."

The go-bag is packed, the nursery furniture is in place (except decorations--those can wait. Everyone knows the baby doesn't care anyway...), the car seat base is installed, finals are DONE, Christmas presents are wrapped and shipped, I have six meals in the freezer, and Isaac asks me every day if I'm in labor yet.

38.5 weeks. For those that missed this on FB
Um, yes, those are pajama pants...

But are we READY? I'm...ready to be done with pregnancy, even though I've enjoyed it overall. (I also enjoy sitting on the couch with a pillow behind my back and my feet up. Delicious. Why did I used to like exercising so much?). I think being pregnant is the most fulfilling and miraculous thing I've ever done with my life. Also, I am convinced the whole "I didn't know I was pregnant" thing is a quack. A foot in your ribs is NOT indigestion.

I've also had plenty of distractions:

A baby shower

These amazing people (and some others not in the picture) threw me a shower after knowing me only a few months.
Bless them.

A lovely visit from Isaac's younger brother & his wife and baby boy
We definitely forgot to take pictures with them.
Because that's the way I roll.

And, of course, school, which I have loved. I can tell you how to manually assess for meningitis, kidney stones, appendicitis, tennis elbow, and a torn ACL. I can also tell you about most of the things that can go wrong in childbirth that I'm currently worrying about, and about 60 diseases I'd prefer that our child not have. These things may or may not keep me up at night.

But are we READY?

I don't think that's possible. But we are so excited and so happy to have this chance.

I guess we'll wing it when she gets here.