Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Merry, one of my all-time favorite people, tagged me in a blog post with some questions to answer. I'm cheating a little and not doing the whole challenge, but I still think it's fun and will do my best with the questions.

1. If there was one place that you would want to live, where would it be? Arizona! I swear to you, it's the promised land. 70 degrees in January? Swimming pools everywhere? No humidity? Check, check, check. Nothing green in sight? Weeeellll, it's no Hawaii. But it's cheaper than Hawaii. I'll take the discount.

2. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter in it. Any variation on this will do. And if there's no peanut butter in it already, I just stir it in. 

3. Who are you planning on voting for in November? I plan to write Isaac's name on the ballot.

4. What is your favorite thing to do to waste time? Read other people's blogs 

5. What is your favorite song to listen to right now? I'm back to playing the piano again, so I prefer playing Clare de Lune to listening to songs about break-ups. 

6. What are you reading right now? I'm about to embark on 1st Chronicles in the Bible. I cheated and skimmed ahead, and it doesn't look promising. If you ever find me passed out at the kitchen table, the genealogy of King David is the likely culprit. 

7. Do you like shoes?  How many pairs do you have? In the summer, I have three pairs: flip flops and church sandals (white and black). 

8. Does your husband ever force you to try something that you detest (like licorice)? Mostly he tries to get me to eat extras of unhealthy foods. Is portion control so bad, dear? Or fitting into my pants?

9. Could you tell that there was a story behind Question Number 8? The licorice did seem a little specific...

10. What is one rule that you implement/plan on implementing with your children? Just one? How about 3? Like no barfing between 10PM and 7AM, and no toys that play high-pitched songs, and NO giggling during prayers (we're hoping to turn over a new leaf with the next generation). 

11.  Do you currently own or want to own a pet?  What kind of pet?

I want a kitten

And a puppy

And whatever this thing is, I want it too

Or maybe I just need a cotton ball with eyes. Probably cheaper. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012's auspicious beginnings

Aside from awkwardly shaking hands and suffering from killer colds, here's what Isaac and Camber have been doing:

-Isaac went to Hong Kong in January for 9 days and discovered that Hong Kong has its own...
Buzz Lightyear
Crazy Factories
Toilets. Kind of.
Blink. Better than bling?
And, um, pizza. I think.
In other news:

-Camber applied to Nurse Practitioner school in Cincinnati (a 2-year master's degree) and is waiting to hear if she got accepted.

-Camber also went to Cincinnati last weekend to visit said school and was promptly greeted by a rainstorm and a tornado warning, complete with sirens.

-We are moving there in a few months.

-If it's still there.

-Isaac got over his man cold. And Camber, browsing through this blog's archives, realized that Isaac posted the same video and blogged about it a few years ago himself when he got a cold. Funny boy.

-Isaac graduates in 64 days! We're not excited.

-Actually, we are.

-Sunday we ate a cajun-creole themed dinner with our friends, the McAllisters. We had fried okra, hush puppies, maquechoux, black-eyed peas, jambalaya, and sweet potato praline cheesecake.


-Isaac's family is coming to visit in ONE MONTH! We're not excited.

-Actually, we are.

-Camber's phone fell in an unspecified body of water. It's on the fritz. She cannot remember life before cell phones. Did happiness exist back then?

-Her phone is in critical care and being tended by a ziplock bag full of dry rice. Should it ultimately die, money can be sent in lieu of flowers.

-Isaac and Camber read the first Fablehaven book together. Isaac's not sure if he can continue on. Camber liked it. But then, she didn't major in English.

-They also watched one and a half seasons of Downton Abbey. Then Lent came and Isaac swore off TV for 40 days. Camber doesn't believe in Lent.

-Camber's dilemma: finish season 2 alone? Would that make her a bad wife?

-If so, how bad exactly?