Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life in the Windy City

As previously alluded to, Isaac is living in Chicago for the summer doing a marketing internship for his MBA. I am still in Iowa, working away at the hospital and trying not to get scared at night.

Because even though I know that the area underneath our bed is entirely occupied with boxes, part of me still fears getting under the covers at night.

What if something grabs my ankle as I climb into bed? Someone could be hiding under there all day long, just waiting for me to turn off the lights at bedtime.

The 3 seconds from light switch to mattress are pure terror.

Luckily for my sanity Chicago is close enough to visit fairly frequently, and we've had a wonderful time exploring it together.

Isaac and I standing on Navy Pier. That's Chicago in the background.

There is a glass shelf at the top of the Willis tower that allows you to see all the way down. You can't tell from a photo, but we're quaking in our boots. It's surprisingly scary.

Probably the best part of Chicago. Giordano's stuffed pizza. So. Much. Cheese.

The Bean. A famous but weird...sculpture? Monument? 

The face fountain in Millenium Park. The face on that screen changes occasionally. Kinda weird, but all the water on the ground was very refreshing on a hot day.
Fun as visiting Chicago is, I just want my husband back in the same city as me. Protecting me from whatever is under the bed.


  1. You know, I still get scared even when Jed is with me. I NEVER turn out the light. I always make him do it.

  2. I love Chicago!
    and I Love reading your blog :) are you sure you were supposed to be a nurse, not a famous writer?!
    I miss working with you, Camber!

  3. I don't know how you do it. I am dreading the day that Jershon and I have to spend a night apart. I hate being alone. Chicago does look like a fun place to visit though!

  4. Ok, the picture of pizza made my mouth water!! That is THE best pizza ever...
    You guys are so cute!! Looks like you had an amazing time!!