Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A conversation in the morning

[Isaac is wearing a dark gray shirt and brown shorts]

C: Isaac, I don't think gray and brown go together

I: So?

C: Well, they don't go together

I: Are you telling me this for you or for me?

C: Huh?

I: Are you telling me this so I don't embarrass myself or because you don't want to look at me? Because if it's for me, I don't care.

C: Well, I guess it's for you, because I don't really care what you're wearing. I didn't marry you just because of your looks

I: For me it was 70/30

C: 70% looks and 30% personality? 

I: Yup

C: What happens when I get old and ugly?

I: You'll still have the 30%. And I promise to love you the full 30%

Note: He didn't change his clothes.


  1. awesome! Nicely done...good thing you have a great personality!

  2. haha! the truth comes out, you guys are so hilarious :)