Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Note to self

Dear Camber--

When you draw blood on a patient that's terrified of needles, a good thing to do is put the blood tubes in a secure location. Like your pockets. Or a baggie. Or the table. Or on your clipboard. Or on the patient's bed. Or on the floor.

Basically anywhere but the sharps container, because that is the one place from which you CANNOT get them back. Wearing gloves and trying to dig around in the sharps with a long metal object while her husband holds the flashlight is not only fruitless, but also looks very, very sketchy.

Best regards,

P.S. You should also keep in mind that it is never a good idea to give an enema to someone that is upright, even if she refuses to take it lying down. In fact, this is always a bad, bad, bad idea. Every time.

P.P.S. Should the unthinkable occur and you perform both of these forbiddens on the same rotten day, please, please try not to do them to the same unfortunate woman.


  1. oh my goodness camber, that sounds so rough! I am so sorry!!!

  2. haha! oh I'm sure that lady just thought you were the sweetest nurse ever and didn't even notice that you put the needle in the sharps container. :) And I don't even know what an enema is, so....

  3. Haha. I gave Jershon an enema for his valentine's present. By gave him an enema, I mean I gave him the box, not really performed the enema on him. It was a joke because my brother had to have one when he was younger and we always tease him about it. Then I found one for a quarter, it was a few days before valentine's day, I and couldn't resist.

    p.s. Jershon thinks that I explained this too much. He said that I should have just stopped after the first sentence and left it up to your imagination. I am too easily embarrassed for that though. haha.

  4. Tee hee hee! Makes me giggle. But what are the sharps?

  5. Oh no. no no no. oh no.
    You work where again? just kidding.