Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My feminine indulgence

We've already talked about how I am girly-impaired. No need to re-visit that topic. 

But in the spring, when I can bust out my flip flops, there is one activity in which I allow myself to indulge. 

Behold my crimson toenails.

And there is something about looking down at my little painted digits that validates me in the most satisfying way. Nail polish is not functional. But it is feminine.

To the world at large these toes declare, "I am female." 

Should you catch me without makeup or accessories, please do me the favor of looking at my toes. And be proud of me for asserting my gender. Even if it's on my feet.


  1. And what cute toes they are!

  2. I think you chose a good color for the "I am female" message too! :D

  3. I do notice that you always have super cute toe nails! and my oh my what nice looking feet you have. very photogenic. I wouldn't dare take a picture of mine!