Sunday, October 30, 2011

Girly. Or not.

I think it's time to come clean with you.

Sometimes, I am not very good at being a girl.

There. I said it.

Let me explain. A while back I sat in a room with a bunch of other girls and it struck me suddenly that they were all wearing these shiny things with their clothes. Jewelry, I think you call it. The stuff has always bewildered me because it doesn't seem to accomplish the main function of clothing--namely, covering skin.

At any rate, the jewelry seemed to look nice on them, so I thought I'd consider getting some for myself. I went to a popular jewelry store (Walmart) and started perusing the displays. I thought necklaces seemed pretty straight forward and started there, and within a minute I broke out in a cold sweat. 

Who knew that there were so many variations on a simple necklace? It's just a shiny thing you hang around your neck, right? But there's so much more involved--is it for a low neckline or a high one? Casual or formal? Do you wear it alone or with another one? What color is the shirt you're planning to wear it with? Worse, what color are the shoes you're planning to wear it with (no one actually owns more than one pair of casual they?) Then, you have to start coordinating with the earrings and bracelet that are going to go with the necklace, and you might want to consider matching eye shadow and purse color as well.

Suddenly I felt nauseated and my respiratory rate doubled. I could feel the store closing in on me, and sensed other customers staring at me, positive they could sense my lack of finesse at jewelry purchasing. Probably they were snickering. I booked it to the produce section. Apples I can handle.

Here's the truth. I grew up with three brothers and no sisters. The males in my house mocked make-up and prissiness in all forms and I was in college before I knew about eyebrow plucking or hair straighteners. I own two necklaces that I actually wear and bought neither of them. 

I have two hair-do's, and that's only if you count the ponytail/headband combo that I sport when exercising. My favorite place to go clothes shopping is at a thrift store, and my makeup collection has three items in it. On my wedding day, I spent about 15 minutes doing my hair and makeup. The same amount of time that I spend every day. And while I feel a twinge of regret looking at my somewhat plain appearance in my pictures, I'm also pretty sure I was the least-stressed-out bride in the history of weddings.

Here's the question: Is that okay? Am I allowed to deep down wish I were wearing a T-shirt and baggy shorts? Can I consider myself an adequate woman if I never do learn how to accessorize?


I brought all this up with Isaac, and his only response was, "How is that a problem? That's one of the things about you I think is awesome!"

See the T-shirt? And how happy I look? What a great day that was.

Well, at least I married the right guy. And I don't plan on buying a new necklace any time soon. It's just too traumatizing.


  1. I used to be the same way with jewelry. Then, all of a sudden I purchased one necklace and a matching pair of earrings and then I started to see the potential with other outfits. Now...I catch myself always looking at the jewelry.

  2. I love you Camber! Seriously, just the way you are!!

  3. Love the post!! Doesn't it feel good to get things off your chest :-) What's important is that you're happy..with our without jewelry doesn't matter. And by the sound of it, it's unhealthy for you to visit a jewelry store. You better stay away!

  4. Why did you pick THAT wedding photo? I look completely stupid in it. :)

    Oh, and you were the prettiest bride ever. And I think you look hot in baggy shorts and a t-shirt. (At least, when we're hiking.)

  5. But they are so . . . shiny!!! I always feel like a little kid playing dress up with mommy's clothes when I try to accessorize - as in, dorky. But practice makes perfect! My goal is to not be a total dunce when it comes to accessorizing by the time my girls need a role model. (Right now we are at the same level.)

  6. yeah right Camber, you always have the cutest nails and toenails. You can't fool me! just kidding. :) There is absolutely nothing wrong with T-shirts.... is there? If there is, nobody told me about it! And Isaac- nice comment. Now everyone (including me) is going to go back to that wedding picture to take another look at you! hehe

  7. Jewelry from On its way...

  8. 3 brothers and no sisters too Camber. I feel the same way.