Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween is for kids...mostly

Isaac and I are both past our mid-twenties. We both have college degrees. We pay bills and are responsible people.

But we still voluntarily regress in maturity every year at about the same time:


Take our pumpkin-carving: Still elementary. Our pumpkins have not progressed in sophistication since about third grade:

Our costumes: Lacking grown-up refinement but very fun.

And our awesome neighbors, the monkeys:

They spent $2 on the adult monkey suits. Jershon and Shelly, if we ever grow up, we want to be as frugal as you are.

And last but definitely not least, Isaac and his teenage haircut:

Sorry ladies. He's taken.


  1. Ha ha. My pumpkins are about the same! Oh, and I think that having kids just gives adults an excuse to act like kids themselves and get away with it. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! It's good to know that people are reading it.

    Have a fun Midwest Fall. (It actually is a 3 month season here! Not just a month of leaves and then FREEZING weather, like it was in Utah. =] )

  2. Thanks for the spotlight on your blog! We loved your costumes too. My favorite was how Isaac kept telling you to take your teeth out. haha. You're blog is awesome. We love reading your posts. They always make us laugh. Jershon says to stop doing jumping jacks early in the morning. It's waking everyone up.