Saturday, June 20, 2009

The great electronics war

Today there was a battle in the Hess household.

The topic: Apple's new iPhone 3G S


Just when you thought nothing could be more awesome than the last iPhone, here it is.

Isaac's arguments went something like this:

1) It's awesome. You just don't understand how awesome it is. Now that I know it exists, any awesomeness that previous iPhones may have had is obsolete.

2) Don't think of this as a frivolous personal purchase. This will make me a better employee. Actually, think of this as a business purchase.

3) I have to keep up with Sean

4) Since we're currently DINK (Dual-income, no kids), we can afford anything!

5) I will not be able to think about or talk about anything else until I get one. Every conversation we have will somehow end up with me begging you to let me buy an iPhone.

Isaac didn't actually say #5, but because I know him well, it becomes an inferred argument.

My arguments:

1) It's expensive

2) You already have a phone

3) It's expensive

4) You already have a phone

Isaac's rebuttal:


Isaac won. If you think I'm crazy, please review again Isaac's argument #5 and consider the mental and emotional pain I am sparing myself.


  1. What's this flip flopping on the iPhone? First he has one, then he doesn't? C'mon! Make up your mind Isaac. I don't blame Camber for not wanting you to have one. You had one before and it wasn't cool enough, and now the 3G S is going to make it all better? Puh-lease!! (by the way, I'm trying to convince my boss to get a 3G S and trade me my iPhone 3G plus a little money. They're so cool with the video and the voice control and the twice as fast as the last one GLAVEN!)

  2. These phones are pretty cool. I play with them every time I find someone I know with one.

    Still, I would never buy one. I knew a guy who was in mild depression for the financial crisis his contract was causing him. I'm sure I would go the same way.

    Still- it's a way cool gadget.

  3. I feel much better calling Isaac, now that I know Apple is involved.