Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eat Mor Chikn

Fast food nation

I just finished reading Fast Food Nation. And somewhere amid descriptions of maimed slaughterhouse workers, greedy fast food tycoons, and disease-riddled beef my stomach started to churn.

What have I been eating all these years? What I thought was ground beef was apparently laced with pesticides, antibiotics, E. coli, dead cows that had been fed to living cows, manure, and particles of some poor Mexican's arm that got mangled in the machinery.


So what now? Buy organic meat? Go vegetarian? Eat only poultry and fish? Buy a herd of cattle and slaughter a few every year to stock my freezers? According to Fast Food Nation, the chicken industry isn't cleaner or safer than their bovine counterparts. And who knows how those poor trout are being treated these days. I heard they suffer a long, tortuous death by suffocation before landing on my fork. My vegetables probably receive fertilizer from the above-mentioned infected cows, in addition to the nasty pesticides and probably some nuclear fall-out leftover in the soil.

tomato (This is a tomato)

In the midst of all these injustices and health hazards, I have to eat. Tonight's menu: triple chocolate brownies. With ice cream to cover up that funny pesticide after-taste.


  1. Sometimes it's just better not knowing...

  2. I agree with Jared. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  3. I have had experiances with that before. I find you slowly forget what you learned and if you try not to think about it, life goes on. For example, how often have you been sick from food in the last 20 some years. It hasn't harmed you let, I think you'll be ok.

  4. Well, we are all doomed for cancer, so might as well enjoy your ice cream and brownies!

  5. Try gardening! I love it. I want to experiment in growing enough food for Serena and I for a whole year... probably SUPER unrealistic, but what if!

  6. Don't buy fast-food. People bash eating-out, but it's pretty healthy if you buy cafe food instead of fast food. $5-7 dollars a meal will get you awesome, homemade-ish, delicious food.