Saturday, June 13, 2009

The briefest of delays

byol_elearning_logoDear faithful readers,

(And yes, there are faithful readers. My tracker says I still get about 5 unique visitors to this blog per day, and that's even when I'm posting stupid poems or nothing. IDevCon Source CS3 don't know who you are, but you deserve some kind of medal, or a candy bar. Whichever is less expensive.)

You may have noticed that posting has been scant recently, and that what posts I have made have been rather . . . lame. Well, I have a reason for this. A huge deadline (we're talking Israel Kamakawiwo'ole huge) is coming up for me at work, and it has consumed all but the most necessary parts of my life.

To tell it briefly - if you've ever wondered what it is I do at work - I am in charge of organizing and managing several conferences, at which usually about 300 people attend. One of those conferences began today, and continues all through next Saturday. I'll be out of town, working late, looking important, things like that.

(If you're curious, visit the conference websites: eLearning DevCon and BYOL eLearning are the upcoming ones.)

The good news is, I'll soon be back! After this week my life will resume some semblance of sanity, and regular good blog posts will resume as well.

So keep reading! Don't give up on me!


  1. He means it too, whichever is cheaper, and when he says whichever is cheaper he really means if he happens to have some way to reward you for free then he will, otherwise you unique visitors will probably get nothing (unless it's his birthday, in which case Isaac will be unusually generous).

  2. Bill, in that case, when is his Birthday?