Sunday, February 12, 2012

Isaac has a Man Cold

Isaac is sick today.

He has a cold. 

But not just any cold. 

A man cold.

What is the difference between a regular cold and a man cold? 

As Isaac puts it, "Women cannot fathom the amount of pain a cold can inflict upon a man."

Uh huh.

If you are a man, this video may not seem funny. It will probably just bring back back painful memories. Show it to your wife. She will laugh, but you may not understand why.

As for Isaac, well, he hopes to leave the couch by the end of the week.


  1. Sometimes, I wish I lived in Britain just so I could watch the BBC

  2. ahahahahaha! Man cold! It scares me how true this video is! I know if I show it to Dave he'll deny it. Next time he gets a man cold I'm going to stroke his head and say "poor bunny". :) Oh man this is so funny. Thanks for posting it Camber!

  3. I saw this video a few years ago and totally forgot about it until just now. Thanks Camber!!!

  4. Ha! So funny! Nathan had a really bad cold a few years ago and we called it Man-o-pause. Actually, Nathan is pretty good when he's sick.