Friday, December 2, 2011


Thanksgiving this year was an epic 5-day masterpiece of sugar binging, Arizona sunshine, and Camber's family. I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for this year, in addition to the usual good health, family, Gospel, free country, etc.

First, I got to meet my niece Hannah, already a year old, and my nephew Jake, who was born in September.

Jake was so excited to meet me that his bowels filled with joy.

Which left no more room for poop. 

So he had a spectacular blow-out--in my arms. This was his first blow-out of such grandeur, and I am proud to have helped.

I am grateful I chose to carry him at that time with his backside facing out. 

Also, I am grateful for the 1st annual Cooper Turkey Trot. By hosting a private 10K, we saved a collective $75 and slept in 3 extra hours. 

I am grateful I got 3rd place. Even though there were only 3 runners.

I am grateful my dad worked hard to produce an incredible Thanksgiving dinner. And I'm grateful it made him tired so we could take this funny picture during games.

I am grateful we got to be there for Jake's baby blessing. And that in Phoenix it is warm enough to wear short sleeves in November. WHY do I live in Iowa?

Isn't my family adorable?

Last of all, I am grateful that Isaac's mouth is, indeed, too small to swallow a baby.


  1. You're family is super cute! And girl, third place is great and I don't care how many runners there are. Glad you're still keeping it up! Miss you and our days at Centahell.

  2. That was quite the blow out! And I love the 10k idea!

  3. CAMBER!! Hello!! This is me stalking YOU! It is good to see pics of everyone! Hope you are doing great.

  4. I want to host my own 10K. Walk. In the late afternoon. After cocoa. Good idea.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Cam...another classic family vacation!! It was hilarious, as usual!! Thanks for the great blog...and thanks to me for the fabulous photos!! Oh yeah! xoxo Mom:)

  6. I love the blow out pics and writings. So funny! Isn't it nice to see family during the holidays?