Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Camber's list

I have long felt an affinity for awesome last names. 

One of my greatest fears as a child, aside from the usual worries about the house burning down or dying before I turned 16 and got to go on a date, was that I would marry someone with a dull last name. Like Smith. Or Johnson. (No offense to the many good Smiths and Johnsons out there. I still love you guys). 

Luckily that fear did not come to pass, although taking my husband's name did involve relinquishing the alliteration I'd so long adored (my maiden name started with C). True love requires sacrifices. Sometimes painful ones.

Since my married name is neither dull nor epic, as a pet project I've been keeping a running list of awesome last names that I have coveted at some point or another. I promise, these are all real names. I hope these people appreciate what they have.

Camber's Awesome Last Names List

Bosch Von Benedict
More to follow. Hopefully.

As consolation, we're considering the middle name Fightmaster for our oldest child. Boy or girl. 

If anyone has an awesome name to contribute, by all means please share it.


  1. I knew a family with the last name Snodgrass. Funny names you have there. :)

  2. Um, EXCUSE me?? My last name isn't EPIC enough for you? Fine, then I propose we change our last name to Fightmaster.

  3. That is a sweet list of names! I also knew someone with Snodgrass as their last name. She was a teacher at my elementary school. I also knew a kid named Little Belcher. Poor kid. I don't know why his parents were so cruel to give him the name Little with a last name like Belcher. My sister had a kid in one of her elementary school classes named Brady Bunch.

  4. Booger. No really, it was Booger. You are so cute that you wanted a funny last name. I was always worried I would fall in love with someone with that kind of name...Tawnya Booger... EEK!

  5. hahahaha! Stufflebeam!? Bosch Van Benendict? That's my favorite. I always wanted my last name to be Fitzgerald. It just sounds so romantic. At least people can pronounce it. Nobody can say Shaha.

  6. Camber, I miss you! This post, like most of your others, made me laugh! I miss our fun times at the hospital. I think of you often, especially when I randomly come across my obituary. I hope things are going well for you. If you'd like a peek at what's going on in my life as well, give me your email address and I'll send you an invite to my blog.

  7. It's not quite as awesome as some of those names, but I have always had an affinity for my maiden name: Menlove. It was very hard to give up and (don't tell Jeff)I still miss it some days. My neighbors growing up were the Butts. Seriously. We had to promise to never marry any of their boys so that if we chose to take our maiden name as our middle name we wouldn't be cursed it "Amy Menlove Butts" (get it?)

  8. I went to high school with a girl named Pebbles. And another named Pandy Bahr.

    BTW Smith is epic. Just so you know.

  9. I went on a date with a guy whose last name was Waterfall. I almost married him just for that, but thought he'd go better with my sister Crystal (alas...) I also always wanted a cool last name, but was unfortunate in that the only man I could ever be married to is surnamed Brown. Oh, well.