Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girls are easy to please

I've been sick with a nasty viral takeover of the upper half of my body.

So Isaac surprised me with these in the middle of the day:


Now I'm sick but very, very happy.

Husbands, take note.


  1. You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome. :)

    (P.S. FOR HUSBANDS ONLY: Pssst. The best place to buy flowers is the grocery store! They're much cheaper, and they look just as nice. Just don't tell your wife, or she'll think you're cheap.)

  2. Ha ha. Recently I reminded my husband that it has been quite a while since he gave me flowers, so when we were at the grocery store yesterday, he happened to see some flowers that were on sale (lilies for $2.99 to be exact) and bought them right there in front of me! Sweet of him, yes. But not really a surprise...;) He's learning I guess. And I love him.