Monday, April 4, 2011


Warning: This blog post is not for the weak at heart. Read on at your own risk!

I have my own evil eye.

I had an eye injury 16 years ago and ever since then my left eye won't constrict as much as the other. So the pupil is forever a little bigger than it should be.

Most people don't notice. But sometimes, when I want to experience that delicious thrill of being just a little scared, I step close to the mirror. All alone in the bathroom, I take a good look at that big pupil, and a wonderful little shudder runs through my spine.

Furthering the weirdness, the medical term for the left eye is "oculus sinister". Sinister! My eye is so aptly named that that creeps me out too.

A few days ago, I had surgery on old Sinister, and my eye was accordingly dilated beyond imagination. For two days I had one blue eye and one very literally black eye.

I have banned myself from the bathroom.

On the plus side, surgery wasn't that bad. Is my hat sexy or what?

They didn't let me keep it.

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  1. Whoo hooo, first comment! That is a dang freaky eye you've got there young lady. But don't worry, we love you all the more. Thanks for visiting a couple of weeks ago.