Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4 Years

Today is our 4-year anniversary.


Isaac and I often talk about how neither of us felt there were any big "surprises" when we got married, despite our VERY short courtship--our transition to married life was pleasant and smooth. But now that we've hit four years, I am pleasantly surprised about a few things:

1) We still love to hold hands, cuddle, smooch, and say "I love you"

2) Isaac is, if anything, handsomer than the day we got married

3) I still get excited when Isaac comes home at night

4) Isaac has never yet raised his voice at me

How did I get so blessed? I love you Isaac!


  1. Happy Anniversary! We hope you guys have a great Christmas and can't wait to hang out when we all get back.

  2. How did Isaac get so lucky? We love you both!

  3. You handle him well. I'm certainly impressed.