Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When we decided to move to Iowa, I decided to look at a map to figure out where, exactly, Iowa is. My reaction: "Iowa's there?"

Turns out, I am not alone in my poor grasp of mid-western geography. Even the week before we left, close friends and family members were still asking, "So you're moving to...Ohio?" Because in the narrow-minded Western mentality (of which I am a part), Iowa and Ohio are essentially the same place.

One of Isaac's good friends, who is from Ohio, experienced the same problem when he moved to Utah. They thought he was from Iowa. And so the great state of Ohiowa was born. Can't remember which state we really live in? Just call it Ohiowa and cover all your bases.

With this in mind, it seemed all the funnier to us that our first road-trip as mid-westerners was, in fact, to Ohio. We visited some of our favorite people there--Jeff & Amy, and Dan & Katja.

Our visit included a trip to Hocking Hills State Park, the Columbus Temple, a few nights talking way past our bedtime (Ohio friends--you were totally worth it), and this monstrosity:

Is everything bigger in Ohiowa? Perhaps so.


  1. Now THAT is a watermelon. Wow. Did it taste good? We miss you two! Looks like you're having fun out it Ohiowa :)

  2. Okay, as a former Ohioan (NOT OhioWan), I have to say that this BUGS me to think that ignorant people think that Iowa and Ohio are the same place. No way! I'm sure the trees are way different in Iowa than Ohio, and the hills (especially in Cincinnati) are wonderful! (Plus, there are probably a LOT more people in Ohio than in Iowa.)

    Ha ha, sorry about the trash talking. I just have to defend my old home and it's uniqueness. Enjoy the midwest. People here are awesome--so friendly and neighborly--and the trees and gardens are beautiful. (Especially the fall colors in Ohio!) Truly an all-American place to live.